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General Contractor for Commercial and Residential Facilities for Southeastern Washington and Northeastern Oregon.

Fire & Flood Restoration
Our staff is highly trained and experienced in dealing with the Restoration of Fire and Flood damage. We provide for a wide variety of work, from hotels and restaurants, to offices, shops, and banks.

Fire Restoration
Assess the damage
Wash down all the walls, ceilings, and floors
Apply a smoke and odor neutralizer for all the items that may have been near the fire, which would hold smoky odors. Upholstery and carpet cleaned on site, to keep restoration time to a minimum

Flood Restoration
Extract as much water from the flooded area as possible. Loosen the carpet and treat the affected areas with anti-microbial, killing off, or eliminating, any mildew, molds, bacteria, and fungus from the fibers and fabrics
Place special air movers under the carpet to dry the affected areas
Once areas have dried, the whole area will be cleaned and sanitized once more, as needed.

If you need a dependable cleaning company for fire or flood restoration please call today.

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